Mizuho Ishida

Mizuho Ishida

Poet. Awarded the Gendaishi Techo Prize (1999). Founder of (f)orpoets, a poetry magazine aiming at multi-genre collaboration under the keyword poiesis (poetic creation). Worked as event director for “Edge in Cafe” after appearing in the poetry/art program Edge-- In Search of the Future. (Sky PerfecTV). Published first collection of poems On Fragments in 2006 from Shichosha as part of the new poets series. In 2013 he received the Mr. H Award, which is one of the oldest poetry prizes in Japan, for his second collection of poems Sleepy Islands (Shichosha) published in 2012. He joins the poetry-reading project for Fukushima, which is named “The Invisible Waves ” in 2014. And he has just performed in five cities of France and England with a Japanese novelist Hideo Furukawa and a Japanese poet Keijirou Suga this March. His poems have been translated in Korean and Chinese poetry magazines, anthologies. Also his Sleepy Islands will be translated in Finnish. He is a Buddhist monk in the Chizan group of the Shingon sect.


/ パリ、白い夏

Night Fishing / 夜釣り

The Moon Dog / 月の犬

/ 雪風