Peter Mickwitz

Peter Mickwitz

Born 1964 in Helsingfors (Helsinki) Finland. Swedish speaking poet, essayist and prosaist. He has also worked as translator (mainly finnish poetry into swedish), editor, publisher etc. Since 1991 Mickwitz has published 6 collections of poetry. Currently he is working on three books, one in each genre: poetry, essays and fictional prose. Peter Mickwitz has won several literary prizes, and with beginning from 2014 he has been appointed Konstnärsprofessor (Artist professor) by the state. He also writes a blog which can be read at

Peter Mickwitz' visit at the festival was supported by FILI - Finnish Literature Exchange.


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** / **

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/ årstiderna

/ kärleksmöte

/ kvar

/ liten farkost


recurrent mornings / upprepade morgnar