Petr Borkovec

/Czech Republic, 1970
Petr Borkovec

Petr Borkovec was born in Louòovice, central Bohemia, in 1970. Since 1992 the poet and arts editor has worked for the arts magazine Souvislosti (Connections) and since 2000 with the literature journal Literární Noviny. Petr Borkovec is a Czech poet who made a name for himself across Europe and beyond. Already translated into several other European languages including French, German and Italian. 

Quietly and concisely with precise observation and apparently by simple means, he sharpens the reader’s eye for moments and situations in everyday life. Critics testify that he mastered the traditional techniques of poetry writing to a standard no other Czech writer of his generation can equal, and that he was able very early on to develop his own distinctive language. Selected poems in Slovenian, titled Iz notranjosti, Slovene, which were published by Beletrina on this occasion, include poems from his early poetry books of poems, namely Polní práce (1998), Needle-Book (2003), Vnitrozemí, Sebrané a nové básně 1990-2005 (2005) and also his recent poetry collections Milostné básně (2012) and Herbář k čemusi horšímu (2018).

Poems were translated by Nives Vidrih.


His presence at the festival is supported by the Czech Literary Centre.


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