Primož Čučnik

/Slovenia, 1971
Primož Čučnik

Primož Čučnik (1971, Slovenia) is an author, translator, and editor. He has published a number of poetry volumes; his first, titled Dve zimi (“Two Winters”, 1999), won the Best Debut Award at the Slovenian Book Fair, while Delo in dom (“Work and Home”, 2007) received the Prešeren Fund Award, and Kot dar (“Like a Gift” 2010) was selected for the Jenko Award in 2011. Čučnik also received the Veronika Award for Mikado (2012). He has published two collections of essays, op-eds and book reviews, Spati na krilu (“Asleep on the Wing”, 2008) and Promet s knjigo (“Book Traffic”, 2017), both in the “Novi pristopi” (“New Approaches”) series. Čučnik was the editor-in-chief of the Literatura literary magazine for many years and has been running his own publishing house called Šerpa since 2003. He contributed to a music album titled Košček hrupa in ščepec soli (“A Piece of Noise and a Pinch of Salt”) and is a member of the improv collective Čučnik Pepelnik Grom.


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