Svetlana Makarovič

/Slovenia, 1939
Svetlana Makarovič

Born in 1939. She is a professional writer, poet, and one of the best-known Slovenian authoresses. Her poetry is traditional rather than avant-garde. The curiosity of her poetry lies in paraphrasing the motifs and the tone of Slovenian folk poems, as well as in creating an obscure, balladic atmosphere. Her poems range from free to fixed forms. She has published several books of poetry: Somrak (1967), Kresna noč (1968), Volčje jagode (1972), Srčevec (1973), Pelin žena (1974), Sosed gora (1980) and others. She has published more than thirty books and fifteen plays fot children. Her works have been translated into a number of foreign languages.


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