Tomasz Różycki

/Poland, 1970
Tomasz Różycki

Tomasz Różycki (1970) is a Polish poet, translator, and university lecturer. He has published eight poetry collections, most notably the long, epic Twelve Stations, for which he was awarded the highest Polish literary honour for young authors. He has since received several other awards for his work and has been translated into numerous languages. He is also an established translator of Stéphane Mallarmé and Arthur Rimbaud.

The contemporary Polish poet Tomasz Różycki is known amongst readers and critics for his relatively strong poetic form, which he introduced in several poetry collections. His rhythmic poetry often refers to the literary tradition of the sonnet, but also to humour, irony, and the grotesque. However, it is not just an image and shape of the past, but a mirror for the present, where the contemporary man travels and dreams about art. Różycki is a different contemporary poetic voice – his lyrical meditations on solitude, love, and poetry interwoven with the past, tradition, and memories are enhanced with allusions to Polish literary traditions. In his Slovenian release, the poet will introduce himself with his own selection of his quarter-century-long poetic opus.


/ A więc wojna

/ Jutro potop

/ Koniec wieków

/ Zimna Zośka