63. Wicked Tasting!

21. August/Wednesday/ 17:00

Ptuj Wine Cellar, Ptuj

Vintner: MAKS KADIVEC, Ptuj Wine Cellar

Moderator: Jo┼że Rozman
Coordinator of wine tasting: Staša Bizjak

Host: Ptuj Winery, Wine tasting room (Vinarski trg 1)


Wine tasting and poetry reading.


Meeting point: Home of CULTure muziKafe at 16.45


As we value tradition, particularly when it comes to wine, where it inspires confidence and is an important selling point, we will stick to our guns with Ptujska klet, which continues to carry out the mission of the Minorites who had established a wine cellar at their monastery in 1239. Skip over seven centuries, and we arrive at the year 1917 and the Golden Vine, the oldest Slovenian archival wine, which is kept in the Ptujska klet cellar. The oldest Slovenian city, first recorded 1950 years ago, the oldest wine cellar and the oldest wine – it’s all very fitting. However, a discussion with oenologist Maks Kadivec will take us even further back, to Roman times and their drinking habits, and will include a tasting of modern red wines, which Ptujska klet does not lack either. As usual, a couple of prizes in the form of bottles of wine will be given out to members of the audience.