64. Wicked Tasting!

22. August/Thursday/ 17:00

Nevenka Dobljekar, Ptuj

Vintner: Rainer Deny, Georg Breuer (Germany)

Moderator: Jo┼że Rozman
Coordinator of wine tasting: Staša Bizjak

Host: Nevenka Dobljekar (Prešernova ulica 10)


Wine tasting and poetry reading.


*Meeting point: Home of CULTure muziKafe at 16.45


This Wicked Tasting! will be marked by tradition as well. Although wines will be young, from 2017 and 2018, they have been made from two of the oldest grape varieties known to European winemaking – Riesling and Pinot Noir, or Spätburgunder in German. All three wines that we will taste, indulge in and explore come from Germany, specifically from Rüdesheim, a major winemaking town in the Rheingau wine region west of Frankfurt, and the mention of Rheingau should be enough to make Riesling enthusiasts perk up. All three wines have been created by Georg Breuer at his estate. We will also be joined by Rainer Deny, a tourism marketer from Rüdesheim whose job includes the promotion of local wines, about which he knows a great deal.