65. Wicked Tasting!

23. August/Friday/ 17:00

Branka Bezeljak, Ptuj

Vintner: Marko Benčina

Moderator: Jože Rozman
Coordinator of wine tasting: Staša Bizjak

Host: Branka Bezeljak (Viktorina Ptujskega 7)


Wine tasting and poetry reading.


Meeting point: Home of CULTure muziKafe at 16.45


Romans had brought the grapevine not only to the Ptuj region but also to the Vipava Valley. There’s tradition again, and again we have to skip over several centuries to arrive at 1894, when the Vipava Winemaking Co-operative was established as the first such co-operative in Kranjska in order to promote the development of winemaking. Since then, Vipava winegrowers have seen good times and bad times, and in the summer of 2017, the biggest Slovenian wine cellar, now known as Vipava 1894, was taken over by Hannes Sabathi, a winemaker from the Austrian part of Styria surrounded by a team of Slovenian and Austrian colleagues. Lately there’s been promising news from the Vipava region; more will be revealed by oenologist Marko Benčina as we sip on a Lanthieri 2017 Zelen, a Lanthieri 2017 Pinot Gris and a Storia 2017 red blend. The latter two wines also boast major international awards.