71. Wicked Tasting!

28. August/Friday/ 17:00

Old Glassware Workshop, Ptuj

Vintner: Meta Frangež, Hiša penin Frangež, Gornja Radgona (SVN)

Moderator: Jože Rozman

Coordinator of wine tasting: Staša Bizjak


Host: Branka Bezeljak (Viktorina Ptujskega 7)


Wine tasting and poetry reading.



The number of guests is limited and we kindly ask to book your seat in advance by signing up here: https://forms.gle/iHGShErK494hf1wy7



Meta Frangež, Frangež Sparkling Wine House

Today’s guest is Meta Frangež from the Frangež Sparkling Wine House from Hercegovščak, right by Gornja Radgona. They have some calm wines, but we will take a closer look at their bustling and lively sparklers and listen to the words of the talkative Meta, who bore the crown of the 23rd Wine Queen last year. Their honourable family tradition – their oldest wine cellar is 250 years old – has been more notably continued by Meta’s grandfather Štefan and her father Jernej, who took an interest in sparkling wines. The Frangež Sparkling Wine House now fills between one hundred and one hundred and fifty thousand bottles each year. The Queen, as we like to call her, chose two very serious sparkling wines for the beginning, both completely dry, from 2010 and 2011. Next is an even older Gewurztraminer, which goes well with some sugar, and a sweet sparkling wine with a strawberry aroma for the end. There’s something for everyone.


Ivo Stropnik

Ivo Stropnik (Slovenia, 1966) is the editor-in-chief of the Velenje Literary Foundation and head of the Lirikonfest Velenje international literary festival. Stropnik has published eighteen books of literature for both adults and children, including twelve poetry collections for adults. His work has been featured in literary journals, festival almanacs, and anthologies. He was the initiator and long-standing organiser of the international Pretnar Award conferred to ambassadors of the Slovenian language and culture across the world, the Academy Poetic Slovenia, the Velenjica—The Cup of Immortality Award for poetry, and other literary and translation awards. Stropnik lives and works in Velenje.