90th Wicked Tasting!

24. August/Thursday/ 17:00

Tunnel under the Ptuj Castle, Ptuj

Vintner: Petra Rutar (Women & Wine)
Moderator: Jo┼że Rozman
Wine taster: Staša Bizjak


A conversation with a vintner, wine tasting, and poetry reading. For the tenth year, these exciting events attract poetry lovers and wine aficionados from all around, presenting a unique occasion for lively, witty and reflective conversations where guests unveil their passions, inclinations, desires and expectations.

About the 90th Wicked Tasting!:

This time we are going underground, into the tunnel underneath Ptuj's Castle. It's always cold down there, so dress accordingly. Although we should expect that the wine will warm us up, as any good wine should. Our guest will be Petra Rutar, an eloquent Brik, who has been the president of the association Women & Wine for sixteen years, since its foundation.  Women & Wine strives to give women a more important and visible role in the wine world, which is mostly dominated by men. That is why three women winemakers from different parts of Slovenia will present their wines in an underground atmosphere under Petra's direction. The Wicked Tasting! in the (semi)darkness, will be a unique challenge and an interesting experience for everyone, because the visual perception of the wine will not be important and even less possible, and therefore the other senses will be pushed to their limits. Don't miss this special opportunity.

*The Tunnel has a constant temperature of 13°C / 55°F.