Charity Poetry Duels

24. August/Saturday/ 18:30

Ptuj City Theatre, Ptuj






Admission fee: 10 €

Tickets can be purchased at the Ptuj City Theater box office, every day between 9 am and 1 pm, Wednesday until 5 pm. The box office will also open on Saturday, August 24, 2019, from 9 am to 12 noon and one hour before the show.

All proceeds go to Ptuj Theatre Studio – DPD Svoboda Ptuj.

*The event will be held in Slovenian language.


Just as lionhearted knights used to fight each other in tournaments for glory and the audiences’ adoration, poets will clash in a poetry duel. However, the point of the tournament will not be for the contestants to defeat their opponents; rather, this will be a tournament for charity: all funds collected through the admittance fee and voluntary contributions will be used to finance the activities of Gledališki studio Ptuj – DPD Svoboda Ptuj – activities that had helped raise an amazing generation of artists in various fields in Ptuj. We often say that youth are our future, but we tend to forget that we, although not young anymore, have to help them grow and develop their talents.

Years of activities carried out by the theatre studio in Ptuj have helped shape many notable artists of today, among them the leaders of the two duelling teams that will compete in the tournament: Peter Srpčič, who today works as a director and theatre manager, and Aleš Šteger, poet, author and artist renowned both in Slovenia and abroad. They are both an important part of our success story, which we owe particularly to mentor and director Branka Bezeljak and her team of amazing mentors.

The tournament will see a duel of two teams, each consisting of four renowned artists who will compete in the performance of poetry. Peter’s team will have a thespian flair and will be called “Warriors of Dionysius”, while Aleš’s will consist of poets and will be called “Warriors of Apollo”.

The only judge of this tournament of duels will be you, the audience. The warriors will only be armed with their words, their poetry and the power of their performance. The winner of the main prize, the Sparkling Wine of Inspiration, will be determined by your votes.

The main prize – the Sparkling Wine of Inspiration – was created by winemaker Bojan Kobal and Toni Hamler who designed the bottle.


*In cooperation with Ptuj City Theatre