Concert by Tomaž Hostnik and Cvitanič Wines wine tasting

27. August/Saturday/ 18:00

Home of CULTure, Ptuj



Tomaž Hostnik is one of the most special characters on the Slovenian music scene right now. A chansonnier, a troubadour... many labels could be given to him. A prolific author who writes in dialect and in choral language, but above all an exceptional performer whose voice and appearance are hard to forget.



Cvitanič family carefully tends five thousand vines on one hectare and twenty acres of land. The grapes are pressed on an old classic oak press, and the must and wine are matured in wooden oak containers. The quality of the wines grown at Zamušanski vrh is attested by numerous gold awards, champions of varieties, champions of competitions at home and abroad. Warmly welcome!