Concert: Orleki

23. August/Friday/ 22:00

Vraz Square, Ptuj


The Orlek group is based in Zagorje ob Savi, in the heart of the mining area in the center of Slovenia. The name Orlek comes from the name of the hill at the very edge of Zagorje. Their music is a mixture of rock’n’roll, a kind of “folk punk polka rock”. A variegated instrumental ensemble which, besides traditional rock instruments, also uses a brass section and an accordion, which places them into the ethnic folk music category. Their specialties are texts with social and humorous contents, rich in many expressions typical of the hard work and life of a miner. The group is very communicative and establishes contact quickly, and fills people from different cultural environments with enthusiasm.

In 2019, the band celebrates its 30th anniversary, marking the release of CD Ĺ˝IVEL ROKENROL, with 11 new songs. It is characterized by the initial energy, after which the group also became famous years ago. The influence of younger authors who took on a major part of the responsibility of writing music and texts is heard. In spite of freshness, change in sound, energy, according to listeners, the album is very characteristic of the Orlek group. It’s a real renaissance.



Vlado Poredos (vocal, acoustic guitar)
Jure Tori (accordion, keyboards)
Bojan Bergant (guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo)
Ivo Vidergar (guitar, acoustic guitar)
Mitja Tori (bass guitar, double bass)
Peter Jeretina (drums)
Kristijan Adamlje (saxophone)
Eco Matko (trombone)
Lovro Lezic (trumpet)