Concert: Pliš

21. August/Wednesday/ 22:30

Vraz Square, Ptuj

Pliš with Aleksandra Ilijevski is a group that has moved from the living room to the stage, or, to be more precise, has invited the audience and listeners to their home. At their performances, the members of the group Pliš – Aleksandra Ilijevski (vocals), Marko Gregorič (double bass, guitar), Murat(beatbox) and Tomaž Gajšt (trumpet) – conjure up an intimate atmosphere. In addition to original songs by Rok Vilčnik and Marko Gregorič, they also perform various arrangements in their unique, plush way. They first presented themselves to the public with the single Metulji, which was the most played song in 2012, and last year they have anchored themselves in the charts with their new single Raj.