Concert: Počeni škafi

22. August/Thursday/ 22:00

Vraz Square, Ptuj

Počeni Škafi are a street swing band from Ljubljana. They draw their inspiration from traditional jazz music, which they play in a ‘non-museum’, lively and unique style. Some of their lyrics are in Slovene, whereby their original music often has a chanson-like flair. They are known for their long concerts, often extending beyond 3 hours, and their favourite venues are everywhere – be it the street, concert or dance halls. They are a perfect mix of total opposites: the old and the modern, intimate and lascivious, elegant and explosive, poetic and exciting. But first and foremost, they smell of nothing but love. 

Marjeta Prudič, vocals
Tadej Kovačič, guitar
Jakob Grčman, banjo
Primož Petohleb, helicon
Matevž Zlatnar, trumpet
Andraž Gnidovec, trombone
Jernej Juren, scraper


Photo: Anže Vrabl