Confessions of a (Mechanical) Flyer

26. August/Wednesday/ 16:30

Fürst House, Ptuj


Poetry: Patrik Komljenović
Director: Kaja Čelan
Cast: Tilen Kolar, Patrik Komljenović , Kaja König, Tomi Petek  


Carelessness, vapidity and cruelty are the faces of a system that pushed society into a state of (almost) extreme apathy, filled with mechanical responses and repetitive patterns. Humans (their spirits or souls), once mighty creations, are now more and more mechanical machines, compounds of trained patterns and plastic values. Younger generations question their own and society’s views through their own perspective. By experiencing sound, poetry comes to life in time and space in a performative medium. They are seeking a call to humanity amongst this mechanic of responses and areas of general apathy.



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* In cooperation with BTT Yuth Society, ECI PECI Creative Theathre, and Fürst House