Days of Poetry and Wine in LAAFELD

26. August/Friday/ 18:30

Pavel House, Laafeld


Poetry reading by Chus Pato, author of the Open Letter to Europe 2022, and concert by Kočan & Band. Moderated by Jernej Lorber.


Kočan & Band:

Kristina Kočan – poetry, voice, effects
Samo Šalamon – bass guitar, moog
Cene Resnik – tenor saxophone
Denis Jančič – drums

Kristina Kočan will combine poetry with musicians: with Samo Šalamon on moog and bass guitar, Cene Resnik on saxophone and Denis Jančič on drums. Kristina Kočan uses her voice as well as electronics. The instruments serve as a counterpoint to Kočan's occasionally lyrical expression. It is a contemporary and innovative way of intertwining poetry and improvised music.