Evenings before Days: PTUJ - CAROUSEL

26. August/Wednesday/ 20:00

City Market, Ptuj


Slovene National Youth Orchestra
Balladero, vocal, piano
Jadranka Juras, vocal
Emkej, vocal
Živa Ploj Peršuh, conductor



Stanka Hrastelj (SVN)
Petra Kolmančič (SVN)
Aleš Šteger (SVN)


Following last year’s remarkable concerts with Vlado Kreslin, the Slovene National Youth Orchestra with conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh will this year present the varied oeuvre of Dominik Bagola, aka Balladero, in splendid new orchestral arrangements. The preferred subject matter of the young pianist and singer-songwriter from Slovenia’s north-eastern Prekmurje region, who is perhaps best known for his hit song Žlati časi (“Golden Times”), is the panorama of human emotions, with the result that his compositions sound genuine and heartfelt. As well as ballads, romances and dance tunes from Balladero’s two excellent albums, the orchestra will also perform masterpieces from the treasury of symphonic music by Nielsen, Larsson, Ravel, Debussy and Shostakovich. Also climbing aboard the orchestral carousel will be two special guests: the versatile and highly acclaimed Slovene vocalist Jadranka Juras and the Maribor-based rapper Emkej, a rising star of Slovenia’s rap scene and one of the boldest and most individual young musicians active today. The Slovene National Youth Orchestra is a project that brings together young musicians aged 12 to 19 from all over Slovenia. The orchestra offers them an opportunity to open themselves up through music and develop their talent, and this boundless creative energy is then transmitted to the audience.



Pre-registration for the event is not required. Due to the measures taken to contain the new Coronavirus disease, a limited number of visitors can be admitted to this event. You are expected to act responsibly and comply with the instructions from the National Institute of Public Health and thus help to ensure safety at the festival. Visitors are advised to wear masks. The venue opens at 7:00 p.m.



*In cooperation with the BSA Cultural Society and the Triple Bridge European Career Center for Artists. The event is supported by the Public Services Ptuj and Ptuj Utility Company.