Five to Midnight: Aurélie Maurin

24. August/Thursday/ 23:55

Old Glassware Workshop, Ptuj

A musical rendering of poetry with a touch of storytelling. Music as an encounter of bossa and chanson will take us into the world of poetry in a mix of languages, also into the world of poetry by Maja Haderlap, Barbara Korun, Ana Pepelnik.

Aurélie Maurin has lived in Berlin as a curator, literary translator, and editor since 2000. She co-founded Wunderhorn Verlag’s poetry series VERSchmuggel, which she edited until 2017. She is currently head of the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds’ TOLEDO-Programm and took over the artistic direction of the Lyrikertreffen in Münster in 2021. She regularly performs musical renderings of poetry at festivals. Her songs combine Bossa and Chanson, where different language worlds encounter one another.