Garden Cinema: Tales From the Animal Kingdom

28. August/Friday/ 10:00

Ptuj City Cinema, Ptuj


Short animated films, 38 min
Workshop leader: Eva Premk Bogataj
Organization: Tina Maroh


Film screening for children (4+) and a creative workshop.


If you ever wondered how a frog can inflate itself, why a peacock feather brings bad luck, why a cat should never cross your path, why you shouldn’t throw pearls to swine and how come every cow is black during the night, when they’re all different colours during the day, then this is the workshop for you!

And there’s more: we’ll meet a fairy-tale boy who sits on his ears, his long-fingered brother, we’ll peek into a kingdom where the sun always shines after rainfall and meet a king, whose hours are numbered. If we’re curious enough, we’ll see a place where children fly from school, where people are like an open book, where bookworms and those who gobble books up walk around with no fear and where paper survives everything. And if we’re very, very playful, we’ll draw some of this as well. Are you ready? Let’s go!

"You’ll be joined by me, Eva Premk Bogataj. I’m a doctor, but not the kind that takes your temperature and gives you medicine. I take the temperature of books, check if there’s a bookworm too much and take care that Beletrina’s books sell well and that words don’t just fall on stones. My mum used to say to me that everything I touch turns to gold and I have two kids now that keep on turning the house upside down and building castles in the clouds. Well, the best part of my job are the books. And the fact that I can spin in magical circles and keep on reaching for the stars."



Pre-registration for the event is not required. 



In cooperation with Ptuj City Cinema and Center for Free-time Activities Ptuj