Kilometer of Poetry: The poet and the river

25. August/Friday/ 10:30

Vraz Square, Ptuj


Kilometre of Poetry is a series of two events where we will venture into the world of poetry while walking, sometimes in the city, sometimes in nature.  

Denis Škofič is a poet who weaves images from nature into his poetry as a fodder for further exploration of deeper meaning. The river has a special place in his poetry, so he will take us on a poetic walk along the Drava River. The poet will present the issue of rivers, his sense of environmental awareness and read to us poems in which he deals with nature, not poeticizing or exoticizing it, but allowing it to grow in itself. The route will take us along the banks of the Drava to a forest beach, where we will drink a glass of wine before boarding the Čigra boat to return to the city.
Meeting point: Vrazov trg