Main Evening Event - Music: Koala Voice

27. August/Thursday/ 20:30

Vraz Square, Ptuj


This quartet from Zasavje, famous for their happy, care-free disco punk music, filled with catchy riffs and melodies, is coming to the Days of Poetry and Wine. They released their 3rd studio album, Woo Horsie, at the end of 2018, on which you can find 10 songs about real life and challenges millennials have to face “with no money, a broken heart, but with optimism nonetheless.”

In 2019 alone, they have been on 3 tours and played 30 concerts in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Italy and Spain and have performed in 30 locations in Slovenia, ranging from clubs to festivals.

The band has become the voice of a generation and they are determined to use that voice. This is supported by the fact that their song Ker tu je vse tako lepo was the most played song on the Slovenian national radio Val 202 in 2019, for which the band was awarded the Golden Flute.

Koala Voice are: Manca Trampuš, Miha Prašnikar, Domen Don Holc, Tilen Prašnikar.



Pre-registration for the event is not required. Due to the measures taken to contain the new Coronavirus disease, a limited number of visitors can be admitted to this event. You are expected to act responsibly and comply with the instructions from the National Institute of Public Health and thus help to ensure safety at the festival. The venue opens at 7:30 p.m.