Musical walk around the city: Opus 6

28. August/Saturday/ 16:30

Minoritski samostan, Ptuj


Indulge in the sounds and melodies of the vocal sextet, which builds on the Slovenian singing tradition and strives to revive the unjustly forgotten musical heritage.

The sextet of vocal soloists OPUS 6 unites singing enthusiasts from Ptuj and Maribor, with the aim of contributing to the otherwise rich but slightly uniform vocal scene in Slovenia.

Out of respect for the Slovene singing tradition drom times before the invention of the octet as an established form of vocal music, they want to diversify this form with interpretations of more demanding scores, by Jakob Gallus and other Renaissance, early Baroque, classical and modern artists, and present them in a dignified manner.

As a vocal sextet, they defy not only the "classical" form in terms of the number of singers, but also the choice of repertoire, which is closely related to the unusual setting of singing voices for our environment - they break the traditional framework and upgrade the Slovenian singing tradition repertoire and thus revive the unjustly forgotten musical heritage.

The promenade will take place between 16.30 and 18.30.