Poetry and place

23. August/Wednesday/ 19:00

Ptuj City Cinema, Ptuj


19.00 | Conversation on Poetry Film

A conversation with Heiko Strunk and Petra Kolmančič who will highlight the concept and the development of poetry film, and videopoetry.

Guests: Petra Kolmančič (MKC Maribor), Heiko Strunk (ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival)
Moderator: Aljoša Toplak


20.00 | Screenings of Poetry Films

An enchanting event that combines poetry and filmmaking, showcasing a collection of poetry-inspired films at various venues: courtyard behind the Ptuj City Cinema, Fürst House, Hotel Mitra, Slovenian Square, Vraz Square.

*In case of rain, all the screenings will be shown at Ptuj City Cinema.