Poetry Tournament

26. August/Wednesday/ 18:00

Ptuj Castle, Ptuj


Performing poets: Stanka Hrastelj, Zoran Pevec, Dejan Koban, Željko Perović, Nina Dragičević, Lucija Mlinarič, Tomislav Vrečar, Tanja Božić, Cvetka Novak, Rok Vahter, Nina Kremžar, Denis Škofič, Glorjana Veber, David Bandelj

Music: Boštjan Narat

Moderators: Zora A. Jurič and Nino Flisar


The Poetry tournament is an event with a 20-year-old tradition, where the best unpublished Slovenian poem from the current year is chosen. 12 selected authors present their work every year at the finale in Maribor. The jury picks the best poem and grants the title of Knight or Dame of Poetry to the winner. The Pivec Publishing House has expanded the tournament to a European scale between 2011 and 2013, so for three years, poets and poetesses from seven different countries clashed against each other in the European Poetry Tournament. To honour its 20-year-anniversary, the Poetry Tournament will showcase its Knights and Dames of Poetry at the Days of Poetry and Wine in Ptuj.



The number of guests is limited and we kindly ask to book your seat in advance by signing up here: https://forms.gle/zGosVGi2AgZacWdQ9



*The event is organised in cooperation with Založba Pivec and Regional Museum Ptuj-Ormož.