The Magic Power of Puppets

23. August/Friday/ 15:00

Old Glassware Workshop, Ptuj


A puppet can fly or sway or drive monsters away – a puppet simply comes to life! Presentation of various types of puppets and creation of simple puppets with Mojca Prigl.

The puppet is a small figure that represents a living creature and is used in performances. It fosters communication, as it allows us to engage in an indirect dialogue with a child. At the workshop, we will acquaint ourselves with different types of puppets, discuss their magical properties, think about puppet shows we had seen, discuss puppet theatre, etc. Puppet-making can be magical as well, and so children will be able to fashion their own puppets. Such activities foster children’s creativity (accomplishing various educational goals), imagination and teamwork. Because even very simple puppets have great magical powers, their aesthetics will not be too important to us.

*Idea and execution: Mojca Prigl

**We will be using texts assembled from fragments of poems by Miroslav Košuta