The World in the City

29. August/Saturday/ 18:30

PreŇ°ernova ulica 27, Ptuj


Poetry reading and discussion with with foreign authors, living and writing in Ljubljana.




Moderator: Igor Divjak



The number of guests is limited and we kindly ask to book your seat in advance by signing up here:





Pooyesh Azizedin is an Iranian defender of human rights, a poet, and a journalist, who has, of course, never been a member of an editorial board. At the age of 16 his first collection of poetry was self-published. Most of his poems were published on two blogs that were widely read, considering the position of poetry in Iranian literature. A number of his poems were published in the online literary magazines. He also took part in the project of reciting classic Persian poetry. He was a member of various literary organisations and participated in the organisation of poetry evenings in Teheran. From 2001 he was active in the organisations and associations , such as  The Association for Protection of Children in the Street and Workers’ Children, The Campaign for Change and Equality, The Board of Reporters about Human Rights, The Association for Protection of Iranian Workers’ Children, The Association Without Boarders (which was established with the purpose of peaceful striving for the free flow of information and equality of refugees). He came to Ljubljana within the international cities of refugees network ICORN.



Mohamad Abdul Monem is a Syrian Palestinian. He was born in 1965 in the refugee camp in Aleppo.  He studied economics at the Aleppo University.  As a child he had a unique opportunity to meet the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, a great connoisseur of poetry and literature. He also fulfilled another dream and established, a publishing house, whose publications were widespread in Syria. Mohamad published his first poems when he was 13, and the last one when he was 50 here in Ljubljana. He has written poetry and a novel, and has five finished books that are still waiting for translation and printing. He has also published several articles in Slovenia's magazines and newspapers. 



Date of Birth: May 27.1977,  Shiraz, Iran
Graduated in Visual Communication and Graphic Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran.

Artistic Records:

  • Illustration exhibition, year 2000.
  • Pathfinding to the biennial of Iranian graphic designers, year 2007.
  • Taking photos of dessert buildings since 1995 untill now.
  • Cooperation in the design group for the participation in the Great Adrian competition for Iranian Zoroastrians society, and the appreciation of selected work, 2008.
  • Taking photos of historical and modern buildings of Tehran since 2008 untill now.
  • Participation in the group play of artistic works, Golestan gallery, July 2011.
  • Execution of art performance and installation, Mohsen gallery, July 2011.
  • Installation and video art project "vis-a-vis", Mohsen gallery, September 2015.
  • Curator and Artist of Illustration group fair, Dena gallery, April 2019.

Literary Records:

  • Publication of first collection of poems "Tree Rained",  2006.
  • Publication of  second collection of poems "I walked out on the night.",  2010
  • Design and execution of first event of performance poetry in Farsi language "Line_ Point",  Mohsen gallery, Tehran, July 2011.
  • Publication of "Saraneh" book, 2013. This book is combination of a poem, a short story and a drama.
  • Execution of performance poetry,  Molavi Hall, Tehran, November 2013.
  • Execution of performance poetry in Busboys and Poets, Washington DC, January 2019.

Journalistic Records:

  • Cooperation in newspapers, websites and magazines as a writer, a critic, a researcher and a photographer about literature, art and the subject of Iran’s unique houses and buildings, since 2009 till now.

Teaching Records:

  • Teacher of art education in the Educator Dept. year 1996.
  • Teaching at visual arts technical schools, years 2004, 2005.
  • Master of font design and fundamentals of visual arts at Jehad Daneshgahi University, years 2005 and 2006.
  • Teaching at visual arts associate degree college, years 2005 and 2006.

Studies and Research Records:

  • Research of historical and ancient works of desert territory since 1996.
  • Research of environmental graphic of deserts cities since 2001.
  • Research and study of historical and ancient textures of Tehran since 2008 until now.


*In cooperation with Vrabec Anarhist, UNESCO City of Literature and International Cities of Refuge - ICORN