There Will Be No Show

28. August/Friday/ 23:30

Old Glassware Workshop, Ptuj


Jovanovič’s first and never performed play “Predstave ne bo” ("There Will Be No Show") (1962) has with a playful irony foreseen texts that have introduced radical content-related and stylistic changes to drama and theatre in our environment: grotesqueness and linguistic and theatrical Luddism, which are more and more relevant in today’s day and age, when this play is being performed. The content of the play deals with theatre work, acting and the rift between classical and literary theatre in the middle of the 20th century, where Dušan Jovanovič was one of the main protagonists with his texts and directing work.


Text: Dušan Jovanović

Director and theater pedagogy: Branka Bezeljak

Mentors: Mira Mijačević, Andrej Gabron, Dušan Fišer, Tomaž Bezjak

Organization: Janja Erpič

Collaborators: Andrej Kodrič Cizerl, Sandi Žuran, Boris Farič, Darko Ferlinc, Aljaž Pintar, Nejc Pendl

Cast: Kaja Petrovič, Eva Zala Majcenovič, Lara Čabrian, Hana Holc, Zala Šoškič, Brina Bohl, Martina Farič, Tia Petek

Whisperer: Tiana Ribič



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* In cooperation with Theater III, DPD Svoboda Ptuj