Wine altar opening

23. August/Wednesday/ 21:00

Vraz Square, Ptuj


The Wine Altar, which offers tastings of the best wines from Slovenian wine-growing regions, will be opened this year by the Ptuj Wine Queen Lucija Kramer. Each evening of the festival you will be able to taste selected wines from the excellent winemakers of the Štajerska Slovenija wine-growing region: Pullus, Kobal, Herga, Verus, Statera and Vinag. As this year's focus is on Czech poetry, Slovenian wines will be joined by a Czech wine R. Schmied - Great Wine.

Wine:Pullus, Kobal, Kramer, Herga, Verus, Statera, Vinag, R. Schmied - Great Wine
Moderator: Petra Bauman