7. March 2024

94. Wicked Tasting! with Jan Krmelj and Maja Pečarič

Spring is here and so is 94. Wicked Tasting! On Wednesday, 27 March, at 7 p.m., we will be joined by poet Jan Krmelj, who will present his second poetry collection Uho, and Maja Pečarič, Slovenian Wine Queen 2023. The literary and wine event will be hosted by journalist and poet Petra Bauman and wine publicist Jože Rozman.

About the author:
Theatre director, poet and audiovisual creator Jan Krmelj published his poetic debut Relics of Breath, which was nominated for the Jenko and Veronika Awards, almost ten years ago. In the meantime, he has established himself as a fascinating theatre director, directing and visually designing performances for various Slovenian theatres. Now he presents himself with a second book of poetry, entitled The Ear. It is a metaphorical, philosophical and existential poetry that is not afraid of the unknown.

About the wine:
Maya's lucky triangle: Kranj – Bela krajina – Haloze. Born in Kranj, her deep family roots go back to Bela krajina, where the fifth generation of winegrowers has been working, and her heart has now brought her to Haloze. Maja Pečrič, Slovenian Wine Queen 2023, will be the wine guest! Each wine queen chooses her own wine – she picked a rose of blue franconia and velvet black, because, as she says, it is fresh, light and drinkable. We will also get to know the blackness of PTP (what do some of these abbreviations mean?) and sweeten ourselves with the Yellow Muscat. Since Maja graduated from the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana in 2021 and is currently completing her Master’s studies there, we can also look forward to a more professional insight into viticulture. We won’t overdo it, you know us!

Admission is free, you are kindly invited!

Co-producers: Beletrina, Dom KULTure Muzikafe, TheThirdWine
The event is part of the Literary Event programme, co-financed by the Public Book Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.