31. August 2021

European Poetry in the Breeze: Translated by Young Slovenian Poets

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Days of Poetry and Wine festival, many renowned poets were invited to Slovenia, including poets who are also organisers of poetry festivals across Europe. In order to connect them with local poets, while encouraging dialogue between youth and experience, we have launched a translation project, the result of which is an e-book titled Evropska poezija na prepihu (European Poetry in the Breeze).




The project involved 14 European poets and 12 Slovenian translators, who translated their poems into Slovenian. Translators were poets of the younger generation, some more experienced, others less so. We translated from foreign language originals and with the help of English translations. All translators were invited to the festival event, the Caravan of European Poetry, which took place on 24 August in the city center of Ljubljana. It featured European poets who read some of their poems and their translators who presented their translations as well as some of their original poetry. There were also opportunities for more casual socializing and networking between the two groups.


Luka Benedičič, editor of Evropska poezija na prepihu