10. August 2021

The outstanding music programme

The Slovene Youth Orchestra is returning to Ptuj, setting new milestones with new musical guests. This year, the orchestra is entering new musical waters together with the Katalena ensemble. Thoughtfully selected traditional folk tunes in completely new forms, arranged by Matija Krečič, will premiere on the first day of the festival at the Ptuj city market.

Tradition will also be a common thread throughout the second day of the festival, when Hungarian Monika Laktos will be on stage. Together with her partner Mihaly Rostas, she will take us into the music world of the Hungarian Roma.

The versatile artist Žan Hauptman is coming to Ptuj for the first time. He began the year 2021 very successfully, as he released his debut album ‘Finished, not perfect’ under the stage name Hauptman. He says he draws his music and lets the band color it, and live his songs merge into an exciting picture.

There will be silence on the last day of the festival. The duo Silence will take us on a musical walk through their 25 years of enviable careers. So far, the creators have written music for more than 40 theater, puppet and dance performances, collaborated with renowned directors and wrote and produced music for the Laibach group.

The main music program is joined by other concert performances during the events: funky Pantaloons and the duo Vivo at the Caravan of European Poetry in Ljubljana, the music promenade in Ptuj will be accompanied with musical perforamnces by Matic Ačko, Opus 6 and Daniel Marinič.