89th Wicked Tasting!

23. August/Wednesday/ 17:00

Murkova ulica 3 (entrance from Aškerčeva ulica), Ptuj

Vintner: Monika Hejtmanova, R. Schmied Great Wine
Wine taster: Staša Bizjak
Hosts: families Mohorko, Hvala, Balažic, Koter, Rogina
Moderator: Jože Rozman


A conversation with a vintner, wine tasting, and poetry reading. Wicked tasting! à la Czech. We will begin with an IPA or India Pale Ale with a high perceived bitterness, continue with a Zweigelt rosé variety and end our event with a Pálava, a Czech white vine variety, which is the crossbreed of the Gewürztraminer and Müller Thurgau.