Kilometer of Poetry: The poet's walk

26. August/Saturday/ 10:30

Ivan Potrč Library, Ptuj

Kilometre of poetry is a series of two events where we will venture into the world of poetry while walking, sometimes in the city, sometimes in nature.  

David Bedrač, who grew up and lived in Ptuj for many years, will introduce us to the city of Ptuj as a source of poetic inspiration. During the walk, we will stop at points that are important to him and may even have shaped him as a poet. Along the way, he will read to us his poems from different periods of his work. Alongside the poet, we will be accompanied on the walk by a tourist guide, who will tell us about each of the poet's chosen stops and some historical trivia. Our route will also take us to a glass of wine in the Town Square. Join us and experience Ptuj through the eyes of a poet.

Meeting point: Ivan Potrč Library


*In cooperation with Ptuj Tourist Board