Wine Workshop and Wine Quiz

24. August/Saturday/ 17:00

Home of CULTure, Ptuj


Moderator: Jože Rozman

Coordinator of wine tasting: Staša Bizjak

A somewhat different continuation of the Thursday’s Wicked Tasting! The topic? Rieslings, of course! No need to specify that it’s a Rhine Riesling when you’re abroad, as the qualificator is only used in Slovenia, to differentiate it from the so-called Italian or Welschriesling, which is a completely unrelated variety. This year’s workshop will thus only focus on the Rhine Riesling, which Germans consider to be the king among white wines. Which is understandable, as it’s a German variety, created long ago on the banks of the Rhine River. Perhaps the workshop will even develop into an unexpected polite competition between four German and four comparable Slovenian Rieslings that will be featured. We will try to discern differences, similarities and the winemakers’ intentions with the various samples, and have a great time.

The workshop will be casual and fun, and headed by Jože Rozman, wine writer, taster, WSET 3 and level 3 sommelier.

Following the workshop, those who would like to will be able to compete for prizes in a quiz on the topic. Individually, in pairs or in groups, according to preferences. Wine is extremely democratic, and so are we.