15. May 2023

88th Huda pokušnja! with Milena Zupančič and Boja Kulčar

Milena Zupančič is arguably one of the most recognizable faces in Slovenian cinema and theater. She has made her mark in history as one of the greatest slovenian actresses of the 20th century, with roles in cult films such as "Cvetje v jeseni" (Blossoms in Autumn) and "Moj ata, socialistični kulak" (My Dad, the Socialist Kulak). She has also performed on numerous domestic and international stages, most recently at the Mestno gledališče Ptuj in the play "Pot neizbrana" (The Unchosen Path). In 2016, Milena Zupančič began her collaboration with Tadej Golob, an excellent Slovenian biographer, in her hometown of Bohinjska Bela. Together, they created the bestselling book "Kot bi luna padla na zemljo" (As If the Moon Fell to Earth), which the actress will also present at the upcoming Huda Pokušnja!

Every true resident of Lendava must have their own vineyard, and that is why Dr. Bojan Kulčar, a chemical technology expert, owns one as well. You can find it above Lendava, where the vines stretch all the way to the famous love bench, offering a breathtaking view of the renowned Vinarium and its surroundings. Bojan says that a special love drives him to the vines, and his work as a winemaker and vineyard owner is marked by passion, dedication, and the enhancement of tradition through innovation, knowledge, and experience. Although his estate is not large (he has dedicated 1.3 hectares to his beloved Laški and Renski Riesling), he strives for the highest quality of wine. The medals from international competitions, the recognition of his Laški Riesling as the mayor's wine, and other achievements are evidence of his success.

This time, the Huda Pokušnja! event will be enriched with different and somewhat challenging vintages of Laški Riesling. The evening will begin with the Ana sparkling wine, followed by the aforementioned mayor's wine, a special version with biological fermentation, and conclude with macerated and barrique-aged wine. We are in for an intriguing insight into what this unfairly neglected variety can achieve in our region. Let's give it a chance!

The literary and wine evening will once again be hosted by poet Kristina Kočan and wine journalist Jože Rozman. Admission is free!

Co-organizers: Beletrina, Dom KULTure Muzikafe, TheThirdWine

The event is part of the Literary Events program, co-financed by the Slovenian Book Agency.