1. December 2020

The Berideli! Project 2020

The Berideli! Project 2020 came to an end. In the frame of the Berideli! project students and their mentors read selected books and prepared their own reflection and update based on books they had read. Students responded with notes, recordings, designed book covers and presented their work in a digital exhibition.

The following schools participated in the project:
Srednja šola za oblikovanje Maribor
II. Gimnazija Maribor
III. Gimnazija Maribor
Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer
Srednja šola Slovenska Bistrica
Gimnazija Murska Sobota
I. gimnazija v Celju
Gimnazija Velenje
Gimnazija Ptuj
Zavod Antona Martina Slomška Maribor

Project's final act, showcase of the Berideli project! should take place at the Slovenian Book Days and at the Days of Poetry and Wine in Ptuj, but due to Covid-19 pandemic participants will present themselves online. SEE THE VIDEO HERE!

The project was co-produced with MKC Maribor, project coordinator Nina Medved.

The project is funded by the Public Book Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.