Days of Poetry and Wine in PETANJCI

21. August/Monday/ 17:00

Garden of Remembrance and Comradeship in Petanjci, Tišina


17.00 | Opening of the Vino-art exhibition

18.00 | Poetry reading of the participants of the Czech-Slovenian translation workshop

Moderator: Diana Pungeršič

Music: trio Falajček


About Vino-art:

Since 2004, the International Art Colony VINO-ART has been held in Dobrovniške Gorice. This year, Vesna and Jože Seršen, as part of the Association for the Culture of Wine Drinking, invited contemporary Slovenian and foreign artists to the idyllic environment of the wine-producing, slightly hilly world at the foot of the Pannonian plain, in order to create their works of art. With the help of individual professional colleagues in the Municipality of Dobrovnik, they have so far been created by many modern fine artists, recognizable and established with their works, whose works enrich the treasury's cultural heritage, which is important for the wider cultural space. At the art colony exhibition from 2022, we can admire the works of the following artists: Igor Banfi, Nikolaj Beer, Zdravko Dolinšek, Bogdan Čobal, Matjaž Duh, Endrej Gönter, Rado Jerič, Ferenc Király, Darko Slavec, Željko Muck, Viktor Šest and Klavdij Tutta.

About trio Falajček:

Trio "Falajček" are the leading core of the ethnic music group Ethnotrip. Ethnotrip is a young Slovenian ethno/world band that plays traditional music from the wider region in its own, slightly more modern arrangements. They also compose original music.


*In cooperation with Ustanova dr. Šiftarjeva fundacija