7. August 2023

A celebration of world poetry, fine wine and great food

In addition to the enviable poetry program and guest appearances by authors such as Swiss poet Ilma Rakusa, Lithuanian poet Eugenijus Ališanka and English poet David Harsent, there will also be multiple opportunities to pamper one's taste buds.


Exclusive dinner at Ptuj Castle

The festival, which marks its twenty-seventh edition, will also present culinary and wine events this year. Poetry on a platter, which will take place on Thursday, 24 August, (THE EVENT IS POSTPONED) will offer an exclusive dinner at a long table in the wonderful atmosphere of Ptuj Castle and will combine the mastery of excellent cuisine, the elegance of wine and the greatness of poetry. Chef Alenka Grabar (Gostilna Grabar) will conjure up a precisely created 4-course menu from the best local ingredients. Each dish will be accompanied by a carefully selected wine. During dinner, the guests will be able to listen to the verses of this year's well-established poet guests of the festival as well as the musical performance of cellist Ema Krečič and violinist Julija Černe, which will further enhance the gastronomic event. The price of culinary indulgence is 99 euros per person. Tickets for the event can be obtained at the headquarters of the Ptuj Tourism Public Institute (City Square 4, Ptuj).

 Photo: archive Gostilna Grabar


Delicious, relaxed, summery

On Saturday, 26 August, an event intended for wine lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike, the Wine Cocktail Soiree will combine the art of mixology with the sophistication of wine. In the renovated Old Glassware Workshop, guests will be able to immerse themselves in the diverse world of innovative wine cocktails and discover new, fresh flavors. In addition to mixologists Vita Mrgole and Lara Čabrian, DJ Lottie will also liven up the atmosphere at the social event. The entrance fee is 8 euros per person. Tickets for the event can be obtained at the headquarters of the Ptuj Tourism Public Institute (City Square 4, Ptuj).


Alert, Wisked Tasting!

One of the events that invites both poetry lovers and wine enthusiasts is Wicked Tasting!, which combines a conversation with a winemaker, a wine tasting and a poetry reading. As part of the festival, there will be two Wicked Tastings! in Ptuj - on Wednesday, 23 August and Thursday, 24 August. Both free events will be skillfully led by wine publicist Jože Rozman. And what wickedness will be attempted this time?

"Starting nn Wednesday, there will be Czech wines, as well as beer, which will be provided by wine merchant Monika Hejtmanova. The next day, we will venture into the dark tunnel under Ptuj Castle, accompanied by some ladies from the Ženske in vino society and their wines. As always, we will be able to listen to selected poetic guests during the tastings. Monika will be accompanied by the Slovenian poet Borut Gombač, and the ladies in the tunnel by Luljeta Lleshanaku from Albania," explains Jože Rozman.


Simultanously selected wines will also be poured elsewhere. The Wine Altar, which will be opened this year by Wine Queen of Ptuj Lucija Kramer, will offer selected wines from excellent winemakers from the wine-growing area of ​​Slovenian Styria: Pullus, Kobal, Kramer, Herga, Verus, Statera and Vinag every evening at Vraz Square in Ptuj. This year, Czech poetry is at the forefront of the festival, so Slovenian wines will be joined by Czech R. Schmied - Great Wine.