1. December 2020

The Berideli! Project 2020

The Berideli! Project 2020 came to an end. In the frame of the Berideli! project students and their mentors read selected books and prepared their own reflection and update based on books they had read. Students responded with notes, recordings, designed book covers and presented their work in a digital exhibition.

4. November 2020

The Best Poem Competition

The Days of Poetry and Wine festival is announcing an online competition for the best poem.

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2020.

The 10 best poems will be posted on December 10 on Days of Poetry and Wine Facebook profile. The winner who will receive the most likes will be announced on December 16, 2020 on and the Facebook profile of the festival. The main prize for the winner is 3 books and a guest appearance at the festival in 2021.

4. November 2020

72. Wicked Tasting!

Join us at the digital Wicked Tasting! with author Sne┼żana Brumec and vintner Andreja Mihelin from Winery Mihelin, Bizeljsko!

16. October 2020

Art Is Always Searching For Its Way

Despite many challenges of our time, art is still searching for it's own way.

On our website you can find more about authors and their poetry. We also kindly invite you to follow the website and other social media of Beletrina, including the You Tube channel, where there is always an interesting content waiting for you.


19. September 2020

Days of Poetry and Wine: Patrizia Cavalli - Interview

Dear all,

we kindly invite you to watch the interview with our guest of honour of this year’s Days of Poetry and Wine festival Patrizia Cavalli.



30. August 2020

Closing of the 24th Days of Poetry and Wine Festival 2020

On Saturday, 29th of August, the 24th Days of Poetry and Wine, closed with the Grand Poetry Reading and concert of Duo Atanasovski. With more than 60 events, 33 poets from 16 countries and more than a hundred participating artists, we managed another excellently attended festival and were able to prove that despite the challenges posed by the current situation, art can still be presented live.

30. August 2020

Round Table: Wine and Art

Saturday morning, 29th of August, started at the Dominican Monastery in Ptuj, where was organized a round table on connecting wine and art. Participating guests Janja Viher, Franci Cvetko, Stane Kocutar, Slavko Podbre┼żnik, Danilo Steyer and Sašo Topolšek were discussing wine as an artistic expression.

29. August 2020

Open Letter to Europe 2020

24th Days of Poetry and Wine in Ptuj were opened with an honorary reading of Open Letter to Europe, written by Hungarian poet and prose writer Krisztina Tóth.

28. August 2020

Days of Poetry and Wine Officially Opened

Days of Poetry and Wine started with the Evenings Before Days, which were filled with poetry and music. Until tomorrow evening, 29th of August, you will be able to experience private readings, theatrical performances and concerts. Also you will have a chance to attend wine tasting, where will be presented all three Slovenian wineyard regions.

Detailed programme of the festival:

26. August 2020

Play Contest Biblos Poetry

Participate in the Days of Poetry and Wine and Biblos play contest, and with a little luck you can get the new official Biblos Calypso e-reader with two e-books of poetry!

By August 31, 2020, submit a play game cupon to a box at the Days of Poety and Wine main venue Vraz Square in Ptuj and you might get lucky!